Gerald Chukwuma "Eclipse of the Scrolls" Gallery Tour

April 3, 2021

3 APRIL - 8 MAY 2021

London (London Bridge)


Through a frenzy of colours and symbols that are chiselled, burnt and painted onto panels of wood, Nigerian artist Gerald Chukwuma creates a striking visual language that weaves together ancient symbols, contemporary and historic references. These are the artists ‘scrolls’ that  document the untold stories of Igbo culture and modern Nigeria in resistance to one-sided media narratives that are wilfully manipulated by authority figures. Chukwuma’s latest exhibition Eclipse of the Scrolls at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery’s London Bridge space questions the extent to which we are controlled by the information that we are or aren’t consuming. At a turbulent time in not only Nigerian history but also internationally, the artist’s dynamic sculptural surfaces underline the vital importance of free, creative expression as a form of resistance to everyday indoctrination.