Dawit Abebe ““ መጠን “ The Balance of Things”

January 8, 2022

‘Although my life is influenced by the society I live in, the environment I am part of and the country and culture I belong to, I am aware that one’s positive and negative experiences cannot be perceived and interpreted separately from the global context. Through my work, I am constantly questioning our individual and collective responsibilities and accountability vis-a-vis nature as well as the welfare of all human beings irrespective of their geographical location, race, religion, socio-political and economic status.’  - Dawit Abebe


Monumental figures stand clutching bulging sacks, some filled with wild animals, others with an entire city’s worth of buildings, while small groups of people appear at miniature scale gathered beneath their looming presence. Ethiopian artist Dawit Abebe’s artistic practice centres around an investigation of power structures. This latest series, entitled The Balance of Things (መጠን), presented in a solo exhibition at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London, marks a new focus on the devastating impacts of disproportionate wealth and greed.