Fredrik Raddum

Fredrik Raddum (b. 1973) is a Norwegian artist working with sculpture, installation, photo-, and performance-related journeys. Educated at the National Academy of Fine Art, Oslo, and exhibiting internationally since 2001, Raddum's sculptures are at once alluring, tongue-in-cheek and challenging. He popularizes serious themes, embodying them in tragicomic animal and human figures resembling cartoon characters. Clichés and icons are twisted and recontextualised, while humour and the absurd are foregrounded in seemingly innocuous settings. Always subtle, Raddum's unique formal language and uncommon approach to medium quietly reveal hints of social critique, encouraging viewers to think beyond the initial encounter. He has exhibited at, among others, Aaros Museum of Modern Art, Denmark; National Gallery of Art, Denmark; Kistefos Museum, Norway; Pori Art Museum, Finland; and The Museum of Installation, London, in addition to multiple international solo and group exhibitions. His works can be found in public collections such as The Norwegian National Gallery, National Gallery of Art (Denmark), Norwegian Art Council, Vestas, Aker-Solutions, Norvestor Equity, Telenor and Statoil. Raddum lives and works in Oslo.