Athar Jaber was born in Rome in 1982 from Iraqi parents. After living between Rome and Florence, he moved to The Netherlands in his early teens and subsequently moved again to Antwerp in 2004 to study sculpture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Granted his MA in Visual Arts in 2008, Athar Jaber has specialized in stone carving as a medium of expression focusing on a contemporary representation of the Human Condition. Themes such as anxiety, entropy and personal identy are constantly being referred to. His work is being increasingly exhibited in International Museums such as The Palestinian Museum (PS), the Katzen Arts Center (Washington D.C.), Palazzo Medici-Riccardi (Florence) and the Institute du Monde Arabe (Paris), Institutions such as Academia Belgica (Rome) and The Mall Galleries (London) and art galleries such as Loehrl (Monchengladbach) and KH Gallery (London). Beside pursuing his artistic career, Athar Jaber is also fulfilling an academical one as an Associate Professor (2009-present), Associate Researcher (2015-2017) and a PhD Associate, lecturing at the University and Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp. His work is the collection of the Havana Museum.