In search of lost parts of his childhood, Jonny Briggs explores a reality outside what he was socialised into by creating new ones using himself and his parents as the main subject. Through these he uses photography to explore his relationship with deception, the constructed reality of the family, and question the boundaries between child/adult, self/other, nature/culture, real/fake in attempt to revive the unconditioned self, beyond the family bubble. Although easily assumed to be photoshopped or faked, upon closer inspection the images are often realised to be more real than first expected. Involving staged installations, the cartoonesque and the performative, Briggs looks back to his younger self and attempt to re-capture childhood nature through assuming adult eyes. Recent exhibitions include Photoforum PasquArt Photo Museum, Switzerland (2017), Unseen Art Fair, Amsterdam, MC2, Nehtherland (2017), When something bad happens more than once, it starts to feel normal, N Contemporary, Turin, Italy (2016), Centre Photographique, Rouen, Normandy, France, Curated by Raphaƫlle Stopin (2016), Soil Culture: Young Shoots, The Eden Project, Cornwall, UK (2016).