Sally Kindberg

Sally Kindberg (b. 1970) is from Sweden and studied at Goldsmiths, University of London where she now lives and works. Interested in both high and low brow culture, Kindberg plays on the notion of the tragicomic in a society that is both civilised and ridiculous and she uses this humorous approach acting as a portal that enables us to explore other, more unsavoury emotions. Digging where she stands, it is often Kindberg’s nearby surroundings that take centre stage. A fragment of a frame of life in the city is brought into the limelight and Kindberg uses detailed observations without exposing the individual or the original inspiration for the work. Kindberg’s paintings are predominantly figurative but where the figurative, which is primarily the starting point, becomes peculiarly abstracted. Then, intuitively embracing the unfolding picture, surfaces and shapes pop out, plough through or disappear into the background with the use of vibrant colours. Often highlighted areas stand out to create harmony or tension in the paintings. In resolving the picture planes, Kindberg is looking for a composition which is often a two-sided double take. 


Solo exhibitions include Soft bite, curated by Maria Stenfors,12 Star Gallery, London (2018).


Group Exhibitons include Not Dream of Islands, selected by John Chilver and Daniel Pettitt, Palfrey Gallery, London (2018); Secret Charter, The Dulwich Picture Gallery, London (2018); XIX Cerveira International Art Biennial, Portugal (2017); the touring exhibition Nature Morte Contemporary Artists Reinvigorate the Still Life, curated by Michael Petry and Roberto Ekholm, Sweden, Poland, UK. (2016-17); Anthology 2015, Charlie Smith London (2015) and Sally Kindberg + Philadelphia PD, Peter von Kant, London (2014).