Hiva Alizadeh (b. 1989 in Tehran, Iran) lives and works in Iran. Alizadeh is a self-trained artist who embarked on his artistic activities with directing experimental films but pretty soon, sculpture took over as the lion’s share of his activities. The room between painting and sculpture has permanently remained enchanting to him for work and study. The hair, as though a remainder of a living creature, is the matter (material) that makes it possible for him to make something neither as a painting nor a sculpture but the suspension between the two could project it as both painting and sculpture. This invites viewers for establishing connection as if it is the connection that he’s always been in a quest for in all his works subconsciously. Balouchestan (project), The Hair (paintings-Sculpture), The Cobble (film) and Ping Pong (Installation) are all searching for making connections. To date, he’s done directing some experimental films as well as a research-based documentary on art and society, participated myriads of group exhibitions putting his statues to view, and showcased his works in some individual exhibitions in Contemporary Art Galleries.
Solo exhibition include: Width forty Length Fifty five, AKNOON Art Gallery, Esfahan, Iran (2018); Scenery, Shirin Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran (2017); Play, Shirin Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran (2017); Ping-Pong, Shirin Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran (2016); and Mirror Calligraphy, Twenty six Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran (2015).
Group exhibition include Volta show Art fair, The Flat, Massimo Carasi, Basel, Switzerland (2019); Thin three-dimensionality/Sottile tridimensionalità, The Flat, Massimo Carasi, Milan, Italy (2018); Bienvenue art Fair, The Flat, Massimo Carasi, Paris, France (2018); Contemporary artists, ARIANA Art gallery, Tehran, Iran (2018); SPRING Collection, Contemporary Art museum, KERMAN, Iran (2018); The Annual Exhibition of selected sculptors Under Age of 35, Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran (2015).