Joachim Lambrechts

Joachim (born in 1986) is a renowned urban artist from Antwerp, Belgium. In 2001 he went to art school in Antwerp but left by 2004 without ever graduating. In the years that followed, Joachim spent a lot of time experimenting with various approaches to graffiti and managed to introduce himself into the Belgian street art scene relatively quickly. Since 2010, in addition to creating street art in various European cities, painting on canvas became Joachim’s main activity. The big difference with his murals is that Joachim never makes preliminary studies or sketches when he starts working on a canvas. Paradoxically, he feels freer (and less inhibited) within the four walls of his studio. We see that feeling reflected in his paintings. They radiate a more naive feeling and come about in a much more spontaneous way. His first solo show came in 2014, the same year he decided to become a full-time artist. Since then, his works have been exhibited in numerous group and solo shows both at home and abroad. Solo exhibitions include the upcoming On the Spur of the Moment, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London (2020); 223 DAYS, Verbeeck Van Dyck Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium (2019); BORN TO PAINT, Graffitistreet, London, UK (2018); TILL DEATH DO US ‘ART’, Huberty & Breyne Gallery, Brussels, Belgium (2017); WRITE & SQUEEZE, Art Gallery, Knokke, Belgium (2017); BIPOLAR, Brato Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium (2016); and KRANK, Aim Space Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium (2016). Group exhibitions include THIS IS NOT A ZOO, Permanent & travelling exhibition, Canary Islands, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain (2019); STREET MASTERS 2, Art Gallery, Knokke, Belgium (2018); UNDER BRIDGE GROUP SHOW, Styleconception, Innsbruck, Austria (2018); Included in the year exhibition of 19Karen Gallery, 19Karen Gallery, Gold Coast, Australia (2017); STREET MASTERS 1, Art Gallery, Knokke, Belgium (2017); MCA-DAY, MCA-Day, New York, America (2016); URBAN ET ORBI, Perry Kish Fine Art Gallery, Heerlen, The Netherlands (2016); UNDERGROUND GROUP SHOW 2, Graffitistreet, London, UK (2016); and UNDERGROUND GROUP SHOW 1, Graffitistreet, London,UK (2015). Collaborations include ‘’Heverlee Beer’’, Glasgow, Scotland, (2018); MOA_Masters Of Arts, Milan, Italy (2017); Hotel Bloom, Brussels, Belgium, (2017), Balls&Glory, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, (2016).