Gabriela Giroletti

Gabriela Giroletti (b. 1982) is a Brazilian painter, living and working in London. She graduated with a BA in Fine Arts (first class) from the Middlesex University, London in 2015. In 2018, she received her MFA in Painting (distinction) from the UCL, Slade School of Fine Art, where she held a position as an Honorary Research Fellow from 2019-2020. In her work, Giroletti explores the relationship between the painted image (the meaning, the immaterial, the metaphor, the mind) and the material presence in the painting (the corporeal, the touch, the physical presence, the body). Deliberately ambiguous, the paintings fluctuate between their crude materiality and their metaphysical aspect, encouraging the viewer to formulate peculiar connections with our tangible surroundings, as well as with individual and unique lived experience.


Solo exhibitions  include Soft and Round, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Palm Beach, USA (2022); Breezy, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London, UK (2021); At Once and a Touch Away, Studio KIND, Braunton, UK (2021); Solo presentation at the Viewing Room, Thames Side Studios, London (2019).


Group exhibitions include (Upcoming) Improv, APT Gallery, London (2022); Art Karlsruhe (2022); Future Art Fair, New York, USA (2022); The Greenness of the Green Fields Supernal, duo show with Henry Tyrrell, Lewisham Art House, London (2022); AORA Pop-Up, London (2021); Julie’s Bob, Terrace Gallery, London (2021); RA Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London (2021); Wild Grapes, Unit 3 Projects, London (2021); Facing the Sun, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Schloss Göerne, Germany (2021); Friends with Benefits, Safe House One, London (2021); Spiral Drift, Terrace Gallery, London - curated by Frank Minoprio (2021); The Echo System, Thames Side Studios Gallery, London - curated by Milda Batakyte (2021); AORA Pop-Up, Ohsh Projects, London (2021); Wabi-Sabi, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London, UK (2021); III AORA Space (2021); I, AORA Space, online platform (2020); London Now, Space K, Gwacheon, South Korea (2020); Bloomberg New Contemporaries, South London Gallery, London (2020); Catamaran, Thames Side Studios Gallery (2019), R & H Artworks, Rawlinson & Hunter, London (2019); Hix Award, Hix Art Gallery, (2019); Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Leeds Art Gallery, London (2019); Tate Staff Biennale, Tate Modern, London (2019); Of Course, I Haven’t Forgotten!, Artists.Space, London (2019); Black Stuff, Unit 3 Projects (2019); Annual Summer Show, Unit 1 Gallery Workshop, London (2019); Black Stuff, Unit 3 Projects, London (2019); The Nomenclature of Colours, Slade Research Centre (2019), FBA Futures, Mall Galleries, London (2019); Elephant x Griffin Art Prize, Elephant West, London (2018); Young Contemporary Talent Purchase Prize, Cello Factory, London (2018); Let me know before you arrive, Warbling Collective pop-up space, London (2018); Marching Through the Fields, Jeannie Avent Gallery (Warbling Collective), London (2018).


Highlights and Collections

Gabriela Giroletti has been awarded several prestigious awards, including the Desiree Painting Prize in 2018. She was a recipient of the 2021 The Eaton Project grant; she was also awarded the Freelands Foundation Emergency grant and a Unit 1 Gallery Workshop grant, both in 2020. In 2018, she was the runner up for the Chadwell Award and was shortlisted for the Elephant x Griffin Prize and the Young Contemporary Talent Purchase Prize by the Ingram Collection of Modern British Art. Giroletti is a 2019 Bloomberg New Contemporaries artist and was shortlisted for the Hix Award that same year.