Adia Wahid, Born in 1971 in Karachi, Pakistan. She has also lived in the USA, Singapore and South Korea. Today she lives and works in London. Adia has completed a BFA from the University of the Arts London and an MA from the Royal College of Art. Trained originally as an economist,her training in both economics and arts has inspired her to create art in which the two coexist. Adia describes herself as being absorbed within discrete histories and coding systems such as carpet and textile weaving, writing tablets, mathematical syntax, computing, and painting. On the level of self-reflection it appears that she is fascinated by the proximity and mapping of the technological and the aesthetic, whilst trying to bridge time gaps between different technologies and cultural histories. In 2017, Adia exhibitions includes a 2017 solo exhibit at  Alice Black Art and a Selected group exhibitions include When You Make Sense I Feel,  Fitzrovia Gallery, London (2020), Modern Finance, Thames Side Studios Gallery, London (2019), The Palace of Westminster-celebrating 100 years of Suffragettes, London, Barry Bliss: 30 Women Painters (2019),  Link-Up Motive : Karkhana Project, Royal College of Art, London (2018), Three 100, Second Floor Studios, London (2017), The Abstraction of Continents and Continents of Abstraction,  Lychee One, London (2016).