Rufai Zakari (b.1990), an artist based in Accra and Bawku, Ghana. Rufai art practice involves using found objects including plastic bags, food packages, water sachets and plastic bottles, which are commonly disposed of on the streets of Ghana. Mimicking the traditional medium of painting, Rufai's figurative collages reimagine his female subjects as living a life of luxury, a direct dichotomy of their common life. Rufai fuses plastic scraps, trims and other mediums into form as he would do a painting, and stitches them using a rope and needle. By transforming the found object in art, Rufai seeks to transform the lives of the women as well, revealing the beauty and vibrancy within while examining consumerism, environmental pollution, labour, trade, and the perils of industrialization in contemporary Ghanaian society. Solo exhibitions include an upcoming show at Gallery T293, Rome (2022) and an upcoming show at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London (2021). Group exhibitions include Devil’s in the Detail, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London (2020).This Exhibition is Untitled, Nubuke Foundation, Accra (2020); "CirculArt" Sustainable Art Exhibition by Eco Reward, Casa Trasacco Accra (2019); World Behind the HorizonExhibition, Gess Gallery, Dusseldorf (2019); Sustainable Art Workshop, Merck Foundation, Dubai (2019); Sustainable Art Workshop, British High Commission, Accra (2018); Violence Against Women Exhibition. Alliance Francaise Accra (2018); "Yoomo Be Ga" Recycle Art Exhibition,  Museum of Science and Technology, Accra (2017); Ghana Netherland Cultural Week Exhibition, Accra (2016); "African Champions" Mural in collaboration with (You Are For Africa). Lagos (2015).