Lincoln Mwangi


Lincoln Mwangi was born in 1996 in Nairobi, Kenya, where he also studied drawing and painting at the Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts, Nairobi, Kenya in 2014. Currently, Mwangi is working as an artist for the Brush Tu Art Contemporary Artist Collective in Nairobi. Through the use of various mediums and techniques, Lincoln recalls encounters of daily reality, presenting these manifestations as figurative forms and portraits, exploring themes such as identity, death, choices, relationships, feelings and fear in his practice. Mwangi depicts his figures with wet cloth over the heads, suggesting struggle and uncertainty. In 2017, Mwangi was the Finale Winner at the Manjano Exhibition in the student’s category. Lincoln Mwangi has also exhibited widely in his native Kenya as well as internationally. Some of his most recent shows include: Objects, Space, Movement and Facades, Nairobi, Kenya (2019); Behind This Face, Gravitart Gallery, Nairobi, Kenya (2019); Aftermath of Aftermath, Brush Tu Art, Nairobi, Kenya (2019); A Glimpse of East Africa, Lagos, Nigeria (2019); “Africa And Other 54 Countries: Focus On Kenya”, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai (2018); Walking The Line, Createhub Gallery, Dubai (2018); Pyenga, Brush Tu Art, Nairobi, Kenya (2018); Art to End Slavery II, Kobo Trust, Nairobi, Kenya (2017); Aftermath and Aftermath, Kuona Trust Art Centre, Nairobi, Kenya (2017); Manjano Exhibition, GoDown Arts Centre, Nairobi, Kenya (2017).