Panos Tsagaris

Panos Tsagaris (b.1979, Athens, Greece) is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in New York. He graduated with a BFA from the Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design in Vancouver, Canada in 2004. Tsagaris’ practice has always been informed by his interest in the spiritual and the mystical, often inspired by esoteric traditions and mythologies. Through his work Tsagaris aspires to capture the fragile connection between the seen and the unseen, the conscious and the unconscious and the material with the immaterial, to offer visual insights in the value and everlasting presence of change and impermanence. 


Solo exhibitions include Forever Now, at the Teloglion Art Foundation, Thessaloniki (2020); Let the Sun Protest, at Marie-Laure Fleisch Gallery, Rome (2017); TIME, at Kalfayan Gallery, Athens (2016); Studies in Symbology, at 68 Projects, Berlin (2016), APOCATASTASIS, at Stems Gallery, Brussels (2016). 


Group exhibitions include WABI-SABI Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London (2021); Mr Robinson Crusoe stayed home-Adventures of design in times of crisis, Benaki Museum,Athens (2021); Pineal Eye Infection, Seasons, Los Angeles (2020); Theorimata II, Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens (2020); Truthiness and the News, DeCordova Museum, Lincoln (2019); What is an Edition Anyway, at the McEvoy Foundation of the Arts, San Francisco (2019); Shine on Me, Deutsches Hygiene-Museum, Dresden (2018); The Times, Flag Art Foundation, New York (2017); Homeland, Kunsthalle Osnabrück, Osnabrück (2017); Looking for the Clouds, Casino-Luxembourg, Luxembourg (2017); And Now the Good News, Works from the Annette and Peter Nobel Collection, MASI Museum, Lugano (2016); Unstable Fields, Benaki Museum, Athens (2016); Language of the Birds: Occult and Art, New York University's 80WSE Gallery, New York (2016). 


Highlights and Collections

Panos Tsagaris’s work is held in international public and private collections which include The State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki; Teloglion Foundation for the Arts, Thessaloniki; JP Morgan Chase, New York; Arendt & Medernach, Luxembourg; McEvoy Foundation for the Arts, San Francisco and The Horts Foundation, New York.