Preston Douglas

Preston Douglas (b.1995, Houston, Texas) is based in Brooklyn, New York. He graduated from the University of Houston in 2018. Preston Douglas’ practice explores the relationship between painting, fashion, performance and installation. In his works, Douglas examines the inherent sculptural qualities of paintings and challenges the notion of painters relegated to using two fabrics; canvas and linen, and two tools; a brush and paint.



Solo Exhibitions include Solo at TW Fine Art, Montauk, NY (2022); Gallery Era, Milan, IT (2022); CTHRUME, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London, UK (2022); 77EAVEN , Petty Cash, Brooklyn NY, USA (2021); TENSION // HANGING ON, solo OVR at Launch F18, New York, NY (2021).



Group Exhibition include DIRECT MESSAGE , curated by Preston Douglas, TW Fine Art Group Show, Brooklyn and Palm Beach (2021); The Big Big Show, My Pet Ram, New York, NY (2021); Stretcher Barbeque, Mark Flood & Preston Douglas, PRP, Dallas, Texas (2021); Here We Go, Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston, Texas (2021); Caught Up In A Lockdown Love Affair, TW Fine Art, Brooklyn, NY (2021); Here We Go, Singulart Group Show, curated by Elisabeth Johs (2021); Online Group Show, SHRINE, New York (2021); STIMULUS CHECK, online group exhibition featuring Robert Lazzarini, Paul Lee, Justin Adian, Cheryl Donegan, Chris Hood, Adrian Schachter, and more (2020); TAKEME2CHURCH, organized and curated by Paul Winker, Dallas (2020); MIDAS TOUCH, featuring Mark Flood, Paul Kremer, Dana Frankfort, El Franco Lee II Evelyn Pustka, and more, Houston, TX (2019); WE’VE NEVER ACTUALLY MET BEFORE, Montrose Garage, Houston, TX (2019); GOAT AND GRAPEFRUIT, Montrose Garage, Houston, TX (2019); TWO(ANDAHALF)YEARS, Houston, TX (2019); A LITTLE PILL, Houston, TX (2018).



Highlights and Collections

In 2021 Preston Douglas received a residency at the Macedonia Institute as well as a TW Fine Art Palm Beach Residency. In addition, Preston was awarded the Rauschenberg / NYFA Grant in 2021.