Rune Christensen  (b. 1980) is a Danish artist. Rune’s work is inspired by the process of living: the constant movement that results in encounters between individuals, cultures and societies, encounters affecting everyone involved. Driven by ever-present wanderlust, Christensen paints as he travels. His unmistakable expression comes from a hotchpotch of impressions from our diverse world. Within Christensen’s works there is an intensely overwhelming, excited melting pot of scents, colours, gazes and people: each painting the culmination of a rich life. Having exhibited in many places including Denmark, Beirut, Sydney, London and Almaty in Kazakhstan, his works cross as many borders as the artist himself has done.
Solo exhibitions include Wanderlust, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London, UK (2022); Textured, Helium Cowboy Artspace, Hamburg, Germany (2017); Still Life, Fifty24SF Gallery, San Francisco, US (2016); Solo Show, Gallery Hjorth, Horsens, Denmark (2016); Thoughts Of A Travelling Mind, Gallery Hjorth, Horsens, Denmark (2015); Redtape, Galleri Kirk, Aalborg, Denmark (2015).
Group exhibitions include (Upcoming) Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Berlin (2023); Enter Art Fair, Copenhagen (2022); Duo show with Joachim Lambrechts, Galerie Wolfsen, Denmark (2022); In us we trust, Breach, Miami (2021); In Momentum, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London (2021); Værkoversigt - When Sinners Feast, Galerie Wolfsen, Aalborg, Denmark (2021); Interconnected, John Wolf Art Advisory & Brokerage, Los Angeles, US (2021); Somebody, Hashimoto Contemporary, San Francisco, US (2020); Lately, Hashimoto Contemporary, San Francisco, US (2020); Group Show, Vra Contemporary Museum, Denmark (2020); Half Forgotten Dreams, Piermark Gallery, Sydney, Australia (2020); Group Show, Delphian Gallery, London (2020); NORTH Art Fair, Gallerie Wolfsen, Denmark Art Herning, Gallerie Wolfsen, Denmark (2020); Come Away With Me, Helium Cowboy, Hamburg, Germany (2020); We’re Still Here, Helium Cowboy, Hamburg, Germany (2020); I Bought My Wife A Painting For Christmas But All She Really Wanted Were Jewels and Pearls, Helium Cowboy, Hamburg, Germany (2020); LA Art Show, Red Truck Gallery, US (2018); Crisp, Helium Cowboy, Hamburg, Germany (2018); Group Show, Supercheif Gallery, New York, US (2018); SCOPE ART FAIR, Miami, US (2017); Masked Intentions, CASS Contemporary, Tampa Bay, US (2017);Cowboyland, Helium Cowboy Artspace, Hamburg, Germany (2017); Psychological Realism, Booth Gallery, New York, US (2017); Sensory Overload, Coreyhelford Gallery, Los Angeles, US (2017); Art Herning, Galerie Woflsen, Aalborg, Denmark (2017); Urban Eye, Galerie Wolfsen, Aalborg, Denmark (2017); Knotenpunkt, Affentfaust Gallery, Hamburg, Germany (2017); Urban Dawn, Beirut, Lebanon (2016); Scope Basel, Gallerie Wolfsen, Aalborg, Denmark (2016); Beneath the New Waves, Coreyhelford Gallery, Los Angeles, US (2016); Mist of Madness, Helium Cowboy Artspace, Hamburg, Germany (2016); Art Copenhagen, Gallery Hjorth, Horsens, Denmark (2016); Group Exhibition, Gallery Oxholm, Copenhagen, Denmark (2016); Winter Group Show, Joseph Gross Gallery, New York, US (2015); SCOPE New York, Joseph Gross Gallery, New York, US (2015); Texas Contemporary, Joseph Gross Gallery, New York, US (2015); Summer Group Show, Joseph Gross Gallery, New York, US (2015); ART Herning, Gallery Jorgen Ostergaard, Ikast, Denmark (2015); Sweet Madness, Galerie Wolfson, Aalborg, Denmark (2015); Contemporary Art Ruhr Show Case Art Bohcum, Gallery KIRK, Aalborg, Denmark (2013); Art Copenhagen, Gallery Hjorth, Hosens, Denmark (2013).
Highlights and Collections
Rune Christensen’s work can be found in the collection of The House of KOKO, London