Damien H. Ding

Damien Ding, (b. 1992), is a Chinese artist working between New York and Singapore. His practice is inspired from gaps in experience and the closeness of ideas that are frequently perceived as entirely separate. Ding believes that these oxymoronic gaps incite strong emotions, and so his work intends to capture these illogical experiences. Ding paintings attempt to both describe the difficult strive to articulate emotions as well as to provide a source through which these emotions can be felt. Damien Ding earned his BA in Art History with a minor in Asian Studies from Swarthmore College and later an MFA in Painting and Printmaking from the Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts. His work can be found at several galleries around the United States, including solo exhibitions at List Gallery, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, The Anderson Gallery, Richmond, VA, and group exhibitions at Spazio Amanita in New York and Fox Garden in Richmond Virginia.
Solo exhibitions include Weird Paintings, List Gallery, Swarthmore, PA  (2018). 
Group exhibitions include Uprising, Schloss Görne, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2022); Banquette, Afternoon Projects, Vancouver, Canada  (2022); Lunarian, Denny Dinim Gallery, Hong Kong (2022); Write Your Own Script, Backyard Ghost Projects, Brooklyn, NY (2021); The Loneliest Sport, Spazio Amanita, New York, NY (2021); The Cardinal Club, The Anderson Gallery, Richmond, VA (2021);  More Pain, In association with Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts, Richmond, VA (2020); Within Global Isolation: Asian Artists in America, Online Exhibition, USA (2020); Art For No Kid Hungry Benefit Exhibition, Z/H Projects, Brooklyn, NY (2020); Daisy Chain, Fox Garden, Richmond, VA (2019); Playground, Z/H Projects, Brooklyn, NY (2019).