Eva Dittrich

Eva Dittrich (b. 1986, Waiblingen, Germany) lives and works in Berlin Germany.  After training as a photo designer (2007-11) and two DAAD scholarships in Prague (2015) and Helsinki (2016), she completed her diploma in photography and media (2018) at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig in the class of Joachim Brohm and Peggy Buth. She was a founding member of the KASKL Gallery (2016-2018) in Berlin, where she organized and curated as part of a collective over 25 international exhibitions in two years. She was nominated for the 17th Art Prize of the Haus am Kleistpark Berlin (2019) and for the "Neuköllner Kunstpreis 2020" (2020). She was a participant in the "Goldrausch Künstlerinnen Projekt" (2019) which supports aspiring female artists in Berlin and received the Researchstipendia of the Senat Berlin in 2020.
Solo exhibitions include OH NO! Episode III, Neun Kelche, Berlin, Germany (2023); OH NO! Episode I-II, Neun Kelche, Berlin, Germany (2022); Peanuts!, online Exhibition; feminist intervention, gallery asterisk, Germany (2021); Stabilität, geringes Sinken, HGB Gallery, Leipzig, Germany (2018); Cultivar, Kunstraum, KASKL, Berlin, Germany (2017); Sympathie, LifeStyle. Spiel des Jahres, Tasku Galeria, Helsinki, Finland (2016); Slick streets keep drivers busy, Solo with Tabea M<arschall, Asematila Exhibition Space, Helsinki, Finland (2017): A little Thing that can turn into Anything, solo with Katarina Dubovská, RaumWeisz Gallery, Leipzig, Germany (2014).   
Selected Group exhibitions include Where the Wild Roses Grow, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Schloss Görne, Berlin, Germany (2023); Lebenssinn, Maecenarte at Erstererster exhibitionspace Berlin, Germany (2022); Nothings gonna change my world?, Exhibition and booklaunch, raumwwww at Galerie gr_and Berlin (2021); Neuköllner Kunstpreis 2020, Exhibition of the Nominees at Galerie Saalbau, Berlin, Germany (2020); Verletzbare Subjekte, Centre for contemporary Art Zitadelle Spandau, Berlin, Germany (2020);Okpark, intervention in public space, raumwww Berlin, Germany (2020); Loops and echoes, European Month of Photography, Projektraum 145 Berlin (2020); Mid-air, online exhibition, Raum ZweiZweiZwei (2020); HYDRA, Haus am Kleistpark, Berlin, Germany (2019); Subversive, Exhibition of the Nominees of 17, Kunstpreis des Haus am Kelistpark, Berlin, Germany (2019); right (t)here, Galerie Fo.KU.S Foto Kunst Stadtforum, Innsbruck, Germany (2018); High Definition, Kunstverein Schorndorf, Germany (2018); Page/Figure, Galerie KUB Leipzig, Germany (2018); QUITT, Kunstraum KASKL, Berlin, Germany (2018); Most wild – last of the wild – least of the wild, curation, HGB, Leipzig, Germany (2018);IKNOWIKNOWIKNOW, Bistro21, Galerie, Leipzig, Germany (2018); il deserto rosso now!, Photographische Sammlung SK Stiftung Kultur Köln, Cologne, Germany (2017); Schwarzwälder, Peter Fabo , curation, Kunstraum KASK, Czech Republic (2017); Fragments of Giant Olof Marsaja, curation, Kunstraum KASKL, Sweden (2017); Red Desert Now! L’Ospitale, Rubiera, Reggio Emilia, Italy (2016); Kuvateideakatemia, Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki, Finland (2016); Exhibition of Nominees for price of Fine Art Academy and Sparkasse Leipzig, HGB Leipzig, Germany (2015); Clippity Clop trot to the Top, UM- Gallery, Prague, Portland (2015); Screening at Národini Galerie Praha – Veletr┼żni Palác - National Gallery, Prague, Poland (2015); Off-Biennale Budapest, group-performance, Hungarian Centre of Culture and Art, Prague-Budapest (2015); Fahrenheit 39, artist book presentation at Art Book Fair, Ravenna, Italy (2015); Approaching, MA/IDR, HGB, Leipzig, Germany (2015);
Highlights and Awards
Eva Dittrich has awarded with multiple prizes amongst them the Research grant of the berlin of the berlin senat administration for culture in Europe, Berlin, Germany in 2020. She was nominated for the Neuköllner Art Prize, Galerie Saalbau Berlin, Germany in 2020. In 2019, Dittrich was a Nominee for 17th Artprice at Haus am Kleistpark Berlin, Germany  and won the grant of the "Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojekt 2019" for emerging female artists, Berlin, Germany. Furthermore Eva Dittrich has received the grant of the Bezirkskulturfond Lichtenberg grant for exhibition project „QUITT“ at KASKL Berlin, Germany (2018): the DAAD+ -Stipendia: Helsinki at Kuvataideakatemia – Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki (2016, 2015); the UTÖ Artist Residency April (2016); nominee for the Price of Freundeskreis der Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst and            SK Leipzig, Germany (2015); and the Academy Award of LAZI- Akademie Esslingen, Germany in 2011. Dittrich’s work can be found in the Galerie FO.KU.S Foto Kunst Stadtforum Innsbruck Collection.