Alison Stolwood

Alison Stolwood (born 1983, Colchester) lives and works in Brighton. She studied photography at Falmouth College of Arts, and received an MA from the University of Brighton. Alison uses photography and moving image. She is interested in notions of time, change and environment; and how we use art, technology and observation to monitor and understand our surroundings. Her work highlights the relationship between habitat and inhabitants. 
Landscape and nature are important to Alison’s work as they reference different time scales, on-going change and an uncertain future. She is drawn to vast landscapes such as glaciers and mountains, and carefully observes habitats such as chalk grasslands and trees, examining the elements that make up ecosystems. These environments are studied to look for indicators of climate change; the retreat of the ice and change in numbers and location of plants and insects. She has exhibited widely in the UK and internationally and has been published in a number of books and journals. Recent exhibitions include The Woman, The Gaze, The World at the Hanmi Gallery, London (2013), Fresh Faced and Wild Eyed at The Photographers Gallery, London (2012), World Event Young Artists festival in Nottingham (2012), and the Bloomberg New Contemporaries at S1 Artspace and Site Gallery Sheffield featuring ICA London Selectors (2011). Stolwood has been the recipient of much press and numerous awards, including the Catlin Guide (2012), Bloomberg New Contemporaries (2011) and the University of Brighton Springboard Award (2011).
Recent Exhibitions:
2016     Kings House, Collectives Hub, Brighton Photo Fringe, 1st-31st October, Brighton
            Renaissance Prize, 6th - 17th September, Getty Images Gallery, London
            Dax PhotoFestival, 4th June - 24th July, Dax France
2014     A3, 8th - 16th November, The Phoenix Gallery, Brighton
            Open Studio, 8th - 9th November, The Phoenix Artist Studios, Brighton
            A Natural Process, 4th October - 2nd November, Vantage Point, as part of Brighton Photo Fringe