Gabriela Giroletti "Breezy"

November 19, 2021

Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery is pleased to present Breezy, a presentation of new paintings by Gabriela Giroletti at the gallery’s Wandsworth location. Breezy is Giroletti's first solo presentation with the gallery and is on view from November 19th to December 18th, 2021. 


To look at Giroletti’s work is to be enveloped in an animated terrain where swollen masses with shimmering surfaces writhe and crawl, locked into what seems like a territorial competition. In amongst the maelstrom roots get diverted, growths get stunted and billowing excesses crunch into each other. Our vantage point onto this world shifts from painting to painting. At times we appear to be above ground. At others we have fallen down a rabbit hole and are tunneling under the earth. But as we turn the burrow’s bends the walls shift like tectonic plates before transforming back into sky, revealing the inside to have been outside all along.


Giroletti is interested in the notion of the in-between and the paintings are full of things on a journey from one state of being to another. The landscape undergoes its restless mutation and the forms that inhabit it often seem to be expanding beyond their capacity or deflating as the animating energy leaves them and moves onto something new. Indeed breeziness, the sense of movement in the flickering planes that are to be found throughout the work, is itself an in-between condition; neither windy nor still, Breezy accelerates and decelerates indecisively between the two.