Rita Maikova (b. 1990, Ukraine) lives and works in Kyiv. She studied Fine Arts at the Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, graduating in 2012. The artist weaves forms and symbols taken from her personal life that explore interlocking themes of love, change, and resilience. Maikova’s characters are various and unique, embedded into the landscape that flows through and around them. They are the inventions of her imagination, but they are also visions of a world in harmony. For Maikova, the act of creation is a healing process which unlocks access to her imagination allowing her to make candid yet surreal compositions. 

Solo exhibitions include (Upcoming) Find me in the Garden, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2024); Bones and Ribbons, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London, UK (2023); The New World Solo, Museum of Kyiv, Ukraine (2022); Expo 2020 Dubai, Tuasho Gallery, Ukraine (2021-2022); Volta Art Fairs, Tuasho Gallery, Basel Switzerland (2021); First Ukrainian NFT Exhibition, Unit City Karkov, Ukraine (2021); its not the Louvre, Kiev, Ukraine (2018); AMD Gallery, Ukraine (2018). 


Group exhibitions include CHRONICLES 7, Droste Gallery x KPM Berlin, Germany (2023); CAN Art Fair, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Ibiza, Spain (2023); Uprising, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Schloss Goerne, Germany (2022); Women and other wild creatures: matrilineal tales, Sapar Contemporary, New York, U.S.A.; Imago Mundi – Benetton art project, Galleries delle Prigioni, Reviso, Italy (2022); Group exhibition #1, Tuasho Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine (2022); Verbalisation, Institute of Contemporary Art Problems, Ukraine (2021); Ukrainian Fashion Week, Ukraine (2017); Pierre Cardin Residence, France (2017); Yellow Giant, Gallery Odessa, Ukraine (2016); Feldman Art Park, Ukraine (2015). 


Highlights and Collections

Rita Maikova‘s work can be found in private and public collections amongst them the Bunker Artspace, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA and the RO2 Art Collection, Dallas, USA.