Iryna Maksymova, born in 1991 in Kolomyia, is a Ukrainian artist who explores subjects that touch her personally. The story line, colour contrasts and characters are so simple at first sight, but they reflect the deepest part of her inner feelings. Every work has a voice, a manifesto, it’s a call to action. Such as women silhouettes which are present in a lot of her works and are so powerful that they can convey both feminine and masculine characteristics. In the animals that she paints she wants to give them a voice which they don’t usually have. She wants to give voice to feminism, sexism, ecology, any cruelty towards people or animals. She questions why be silent if you’ve got something to say! Through her practice she seeks to influence people and to make them reflect not only on the visual part but also on the idea and concept that might motivate a change and to be changed. 
Solo Exhibitions include (Upcoming) Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London, UK (2023) Solo Exhibition ‘Kalyna’ , Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London, UK (2022); Big Opening, Lviv, Ukraine (2021); Wild cats in circus, Lviv, Ukraine (2020).
Group Exhibitions include 'Untitled Miami Beach' with Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Miami, USA (2022); ‘Uprising’, Schloss Görne, Berlin, Germany (2022); The Horses, Galeria Herrero De Tejada, Madrid, Spain (2022); The Flow, Fir Gallery, Beijin, China (2022); Paper, Beers, London, UK (2022); Explosion, Lviv, Ukraine (2021); Shit Art Show 4, LA, USA (2021); 19karengallery, Australia (2021); Conscious, Kyiv, Ukraine (2021); Weserhalle, Berlin, Germany (2021); Explosion, Lviv, Ukraine; Arch & Posed, Online show (2012).