Michael Dohr

Michael Dohr (B. 1982) is an Austrian artist whose work draws inspiration from the combining of the natural world with the industrialized society we live in. In his work, Dohrreflects on the manipulation of nature by creating landscapes depicting an ongoing process that involves notions of organic growth or materiality. In several of Dohr’s pieces, he plays with the concept of an artificial replication of nature–inviting viewers to analyse innovative worlds caught between an organic past and a technological future. Dohr holds a BA in Transcultural Communication from University of Graz in Austria (2013), as well as a MFA from Chelsea College of Arts in London (2021). He was nominated from BLOOOM AWARD in 2016 and awarded the Frank Bowling Scholarship in 2020. Dohr’s work has been exhibited in the London Grads Now. 21 show at Saatchi Gallery (UK), Rally –MA Fine Art degree show at Chelsea College of Arts (UK), Late at Tate at Tate Britain online and Postcards from London at Villa Arson(FR).
Exhibitions include Uprising, Schloss Görne, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2022);London Grads Now. 21, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK (2021); Allthat and a bag of chips, Des Bains, London, UK (2021); Postcards from London, Villa Arson,Nice, FR (2021); Unknown Observer, Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK (2021); Rally–MAFine Art degree show, Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK (2021); Postcards fromIsolation, University of Innsbruck, AT (2021); Heterotopia International Festival, online(2021); Before the Applause, Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK (2020);Late at Tate, TateBritain online, London, UK (2020); Cookhouse Show, Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK(2020); Südpol 11.0, Galerie Vorspann, Bad Eisenkappel, AT (2018); About Flowers andRockets, Atelier Haaskeusche, Glanegg, AT (2018); Artists from the Alpe-Adria region, St.George’s Abbey, Sankt Georgen am Längsee, AT (2018); Collective Identity II, GalerieGreskewitz-Kleinitz, Hamburg, DE (2017); 11 IN 4, Galerie VON&VON, Nürnberg, DE(2017); Modern nature machine, Stadtgalerie am Minoritenplatz, Wolfsberg , AT (2016);Südpol 11.0, Galerie Vorspann, Bad Eisenkappel, AT (2016);Saisonart 4.0–LiobnaBrückner / Alpay Efe / Michael Dohr, Galerie Simon Nolte, Portocolom, ES (2015); FabriniCrisci / Michael Dohr, GALERIE VON&VON, Nuremberg, DE (2014); Stefan Kreuzer /Michael Dohr–St.Andrä, die Stadt als Galerie, Galerie II, St.Andrä, AT(2014); Der Berg,Stadtgalerie am Minoritenplatz, Wolfsberg, AT (2014); Never wake up, Galerie AndreasLendl, Graz , AT (2013); Juliana Do / Ivona Zirkova / Michael Dohr, River Gallery,Bratislava, SK(2012); Never live the hippo life, Galerie Marschner, Wels, AT (2012); All inone, Stadtgalerie am Minoritenplatz, Wolfsberg, AT(2012);Now or never–real 011,Galerie Exner, Vienna, AT (2011); 4711, Reart Galerie, Wolfsberg, AT (2011);Red wine–white shark, Galerie Andreas Lendl, Graz, AT (2010).include Artemons Contemporary, Hellmonsödt, AT (2015); GalerieAndreas Lendl, Graz, AT (2011).
Highlights and Collections ,including GALERIE VON&VON, (Nuremberg, Germany), Artemons Contemporary (Vienna, Austria),Museum Angerlehner, (Thalheim bei Wels, Austria), London Grads Now. 21 show atSaatchi Gallery (London, UK),Rally–MA Fine Art degree show at Chelsea College of Arts(London, UK). Dohr’s work has been included in theLondonGradsNow.21show at Saatchi Gallery, LateatTateat Tate Britain online and Postcards from London at Villa Arson. He was awarded the Frank Bowling Scholarship (2021).