Outi Pieski lives and works in Utsjoki and Helsinki, the Sami area in Finland, the Northern nature of which comes up often in her works. Pieski's art includes paintings, collages and installations, realism widening into personal feelings and a sense of timelessness. In Pieski's work, nature, culture and art seem to be anchored to specific places, yet are at the same time completely universal. Pieski grew up in the exterior of the Sami area and moved back to her family roots as an adult. The landscapes in her paintings are interpretations of experiences from her home area - once lost and then found. This landscape continues beyond the picture plane - from in front of to behind the eye, into collective memories and shared awareness. Receiving her MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Painting, Helsinki (2000), recent exhibitions include Gallery Korjaamo, Helsinki (2014) and group shows including Dálá Sámi dáidda/Sami Contemporary, Norrbottens Museum, Luleå, Sweden (also 2014).