Rebecca Brodskis (b. 1988 in France) lives and works in Paris. She spent most of her childhood travelling and living between France and Morocco. Brodskis studied painting at the Ateliers des Beaux Arts de la Ville de Paris and at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design in London, graduating in 2010. In 2015, she also completed a Master’s degree in Sociology, focusing her research on the themes of vulnerabilities and social crisis. Exploring the borders of the sensible world, Brodskis’ work evolves between conscious and unconscious spaces, leading to a reflection on the existence, the self and the otherness. The idea of being in an in-between is very prominent in Brodskis work, this intermediate space at the cross-roads of empirical reality and imagination, order and disorder, materialism and spirituality, determinism and freedom.
Solo exhibitions  include (Upcoming) Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Palm Beach, USA (2024); Let’s talk about you and me,  Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London, UK (2022); Cuturi Gallery, Singapore (2022); The Passengers, Koenig zwei gallery, Vienna, Austria (2022); équilibres, Fabienne Levy Gallery, Lausanne (2022); Effet Mirroir, Septieme Gallery, Paris, France (2021); La danse de l’absurde, Galeria Anna Marra, Rome (2021); Arrêt Sur Image, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London (2021); Tomorrow Is Another Day, Steve Turner LA (2020); Fragments of Life, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Berlin (2020); Galeriste with Hors Cadre, Paris (2019); Septième Galerie, Paris (2019); Unsettled disorders, Canopy Gallery, Netanya (2019); Dépendance, Gallery Mario Kreuzberg, Berlin (2019) and Drifting Singularities, Sputnik Gallery, Tel Aviv (2017). 
Group exhibitions include (Upcoming) Armory Show, with Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, New York City, USA (2023);  The Day I Saw You, Queretaro Contemporary Art Museum, Mexico (2023); Eye of the Collector, with Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London, UK (2023); African Arty, Casablanca, Morocco (2023); Dallas Art Fair, with Fabienne Levy Gallery, Dallas, USA (2023); Art Genève, with Fabienne Levy Gallery, Geneve, Switzerland (2023); Le Centre, Cotonou, Bénin (2022); RAW in collaboration with Daniel Lippitsch, Vacancy Gallery, Shanghai, China (2022-2023); Untitled Miami Beach, Art Fair, Miami, USA (2022);  Home is where the art is, De Kunsthal, Rotterdam (2022); Taking Back the Looking-Glass, SEPTIEME Gallery, Paris, France (2022); Art Dubai, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery (2022); Uprising, Schloss Görne, Berlin, Germany (2022); W Art Foundation, China (2022); Art Paris Fair, Septieme Gallery, Paris (2021); Art Rotterdam Fair, Galeria Anna Marra, Rotterdam(2021);  Io, cassina projects, Milan (2021); Entre-acte, Selebe Yoon, Dakar, Senegal (2021); (Upcoming) Cuturi Gallery, Singapore (2021); Art Genève, Lara Sebdon, Geneva (2021); Tête à Tête Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Nevlunghavn, Norway (2021); Enter Art Fair, with Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark (2021); Facing the Sun, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Schloss Görne, Germany (2021); All the Days and Nights, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London (2020); Endless summer, galerie Sabine bayasli, Paris (2020); Limbo, everyday gallery, Antwerp, Belgium (2020); Art Paris Fair, Septieme Gallery, Paris (2020); Constellations, Galerie du 6b- St-Denis, France (2019); Where we once were, Yngspc (2019); Interférence, Le Studio, Paris (2018); Five French artists, Primitive Showroom, Tel Aviv (2017); Human factor, Ori art space, Berlin (2016) and Disfiguring, figuring the unfigurable Kelenföldi Erömü, Budapest (2015).
Highlights and Collections
Her work can be found in important private and public collections which include Huma Kabaki collection, Alan Lo Collection (Hong Kong); Museum Azman Collection (Malaysia); Pamela and David Hornik Collection (USA); Selebe Yoon Collection (Senegal); The Bunker Artspace  Museum (USA); Tiroche DeLeon Collection (Israel); Zeifang Collection (Germany); Xiao Hui Wang Art Museum, Suzhou (China); W Art Foundation (China); SUSU collection (China); Arndt Collection (Germany/Australia); AMMA Collection (Mexico).