Anne Von Freyburg

Anne von Freyburg (b.1979) is a Dutch artist based in London. In 2016 Anne von Freyburg received her MA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths, she also holds a BA in Fashion Design from ArtEZ Arnhem in the Netherlands. Her large-scale textile paintings are reconstructed Rococo portraits made from a mixture of tapestry and contemporary fashion fabrics. The imagery focuses on a stylised idea around feminine beauty as found in the tradition of Boucher and Fragonard. With these works Von Freyburg attempts to raise questions concerning taste, femininity, high and low art, and the constructs of female identity. The appropriated paintings are created with acrylic ink and then translated into hand-stitched fabrics and the varying sewing techniques give the work an almost bodily presence. Whilst on one hand her work appears playful and reference the decorative quality of their sources, however the over-indulgence in these works also shed light on the excesses of throwaway fashion, selfies, and consumerism. By combining fine art with applied art in a conceptual way she aims to blur the boundaries between them.
Solo exhibitions include End of Residency show PLOP x, London (2021); ING Discerning Eye Exhibition, Mall Gallery London (2021); Exhibition Robert Walters UK New Artists Award 2021, Saatchi Gallery London, UK (2021); Focus On The Female, Cynthia Corbett Gallery and Young Masters, London, UK (2021); Florence Trust Summer Show (2019); Rebel Without A Cause,  Zerp Gallery Rotterdam, NL (2018); Houses of Art, Marbella, Spain (2014); Symbiosis, Zerp Galerie, Rotterdam, NL (2013).
Group exhibitions include 17th Tapestry Triennial, Centrale Textile Museum in Lodz, Poland (2022); Go Figure, Daniel Raphael Gallery London (2022); Salon Tsivrikos Shake Gallery London (2022); Duo exhibition with Rinke Nijburg, o-68 Gallery Velp, The Netherlands (2022); Fragile, Letrangere Gallery London, UK (2022); Skin Deep, Duo exhibition, James Freeman Gallery London, UK (2021); Group Show, Zerp Gallery, Rotterdam, NL (2020); Group Show, Zerp Gallery, Rotterdam, NL (2019); Art Rotterdam, Zerp Gallery, NL (2017); Tactile Bosch, Cardiff, Wales UK (2016); Art Gemini Prize, Asia House, London (2016); Schloss Neuenbuerg, Karlsruhe, DE (2016); The Uncanny, Zerp Galerie Rotterdam, NL (2015); Salon, Zerp Galerie, Rotterdam, NL (2015); TETEM Enschede, Wunderkammer met o.a. Ruben Bellinkx, Anouk Griffioen, Jeroen Kusters, Leon van Opstal, Berndout Smilde en Riette Wanders, NL (2014); Galerie Bart, Amsterdam, NL (2013).
Highlights and collections
In 2022 she has been selected for the Tapestry Triennial at the Central Textile Museum in Lodz, Poland and will be presented by one of the most prominent international Textile Museums worldwide. Von Freyburg is the winner of The Robert Walters UK New Artists Award 2021 and exhibited at Saatchi Gallery London. She was nominated for The Ingram Prize 2021 and took part in the PLOP x Cob. winter residency in London with an end of residency show in November 2021. In May von Freyburg was awarded the Tsivrikos Shake Award 2021. She has exhibited in London, the Netherlands, Germany, and Spain. Her work has been published in Arte Morbida Textile Arts Magazine, Arts in Square magazine, Friends Of The Artists magazine, Create magazine, Artsin Square magazine, Art Scope magazine (US), Embroidery art magazine (UK), Textiel Plus magazine (NL), Artplugged UK, Art Verge and many others. Von Freyburg’s work is in several private collections all over the world.