Born in Bergen, Norway, Unni Askeland studied at The National Academy of Fine Arts, Bergen, and The National Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo. Her work, both figurative and abstract, draws on the Expressionist ideals of eroticism, emotion and experience. Askeland's own persona is central to her artistic oeuvre, often placed within various art historical traditions and contexts. While her art has transitioned from Munch-inspired painting to American-style photography-based serigraphy, Askeland creates work that intends to shock and challenge conceptions of the contemporary art world. Exhibitions include Exit 13, Oslo (2014), Project = Oslo, Oslo (2013), Memories & Other Narratives, Larvik Kunstforening, Larvik (2013), Munch 2013Åsgårdstrand (2013) and Munch AdoptionsBlomqvist, Oslo (2004).